0118 969 1188

0118 969 1188

Hogout  Hog Roasts and Barbecues


How many people will a hog feed?

Our standard sized Hog will usually cater for between 80 to 100 people. If you have more people at your function we would simply bring along another machine.

What can you offer for vegetarians or vegans?

We willingly cater for vegetarians and vegans at our events. However, we do need to know how many to cater for before we arrive. You can normally expect two or three choices in addition to the normal accompaniments.

How portable is your hog roasting machine with respect to getting through doorways into rear gardens?

Our Hog Roasting machines are fairly portable but will not go through domestic doorways.  We will need access of at least 70cms.

How long will it take to serve my guests?

One Hog Roast (80-100 people) will normally be carved and served in an hour. If you have more people to feed and time-limited, then we would recommend an additional Hog Roast.

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